ten years

the lauren remembered by some people.

I got a text from a friend last night saying that one of our middle school teachers (a woman who, at the time, was not much older than we are now and who we adored in a manner approaching cult-like) found her email address somewhere and contacted her to say hello and catch up. Before I left for Korea, I included another former teacher, a legend in the mind of any kid who went to our middle school, in the massive email I sent to everyone about this blog as I departed, and she sent me the kindest words of encouragement in response. But then today I went back through this blog, and through pictures from my first year in Korea, and struggled to match faces to names and vice versa. To be fair to myself, A) that whole period was an assault on my senses and B) I cheated on guessing with the boys because three-fourths of them were named Jayden or Kevin, but it still made me feel guilty. I know I loved those little boogers as best I could, but time and limited brain capacity make it hard to hold on to all of them for very long. So what an honor it is to be remembered after ten years. I wonder which ones I will remember in 2021 (and who will remember me.)

3 thoughts on “ten years

  1. This makes me so nostalgic for the 11-year-old Lauren who went up to the 11-year-old Brittney and asked, “So, do you think the ants know when you’re going to step on them?” You are wonderful and original, Miss Lauren Teacher.

    As a side-note, I really hope we were not so creepy as to be “approaching cult-like”…

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