Dad keeps fussing at me to write more. I’ve never been diligent about it but when I’m struggling to orient myself I figure now is as good a time as any to start making a routine. I’m going to try some blogging community prompts and maybe make a schedule similar to NaNoWriMo. But in the meantime, I’m starting with this, Five Minute Fridays. One word or short phrase and you set a timer for five minutes to write. This week’s theme is “ordinary”.



for a long time, ordinary was dogs barking, bud’s chicken, with my brother pestering me and dad’s phone ringing and ryan seacrest or somebody’s voice on the TV in the background. then it became catching the bus and avoiding the stares of the weathered old people, men with golf caps just as plain as their wives’ pants are colorful, inspecting me and my blue eyes like the alien i was — but not before i caught a whiff of the silkworm pupae being steamed around the corner, and glimpsed a legless war veteran rolling his torso down the dirty, uneven sidewalk with a radio blaring to get our attention. a world away, another radio was blaring, on our cozy back porch next my mother and her collection of orchids and cats. proof that even the most disorienting, extraordinary things can become comfortable and ordinary.

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