five minute friday – home

For me, home is found somewhere on a Pantone chart. Though I have yet to get into Lilly, I admit Palm Beach fashionistas drape themselves in those bold prints for a reason – down here, we like bright colors. The dreary gray skies and naked trees of a ~conventional~ winter are soul-crushing to endure after a lifetime of verdant palm fronds and purple sunsets no matter what time of year. We take for granted tangerine-speckled citrus groves sandwiched by turquoise ocean. And lately, it has come to my attention that not everywhere has lizards scurrying around freely, which is a shame because what Floridian child hasn’t passed time standing as still as possible to watch an scaly little lizard’s throat fan in and out?


And the list goes on: garnet and gold, orange (juice) and blue (herons), pink flamingoes and grapefruits, and shades of yellow ranging from panthers to key lime pie. If you have to resort to neutrals, gray is for turtles, manatees, alligators and dolphins. Black is for the asphault that will most assuredly burn your feet if you don’t slip on a pair of flip-flops, and the raccoons that will help themselves to your pet food if left unattended long enough. Our anthrax and hanging chads are white, but so are most of the boats zipping around Peanut Island on any given weekend, as well as Donald Trump’s towers standing head and shoulders above the downtown skyline. And of course, the crazy people whose sole purpose in life seems to be keeping my hometown in national headlines come in all shades.

Five Minute Friday

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